I'm a San Antonio newborn + family photographer.

I create vibrant soulful images that make those mama hearts swell with emotion! My family sessions are free flowing without expectation, allowing me to find the beauty in the simplest of moments. My newborn sessions are my guilty pleasure – allowing the most creative parts of my soul to flourish while creating deep touching art.

Storytelling with lifestyle photography...so the pages never dare to fade.

San Antonio Newborn Family Photographer
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My name is Amy – I’m a San Antonio based photographer and mom of two! Layla & Rylee are my tiny humans who call me mama, but I like to think of photography as my third child. I pour so much passion, heart, and soul into capturing life!

san antonio newborn + family photographer

Mama those babies don't keep.

We hear it all the time: they grow so fast – don’t blink – time flies. But mom life seems to feel like it’s stuck on fast forward by default. Birthday after birthday comes and goes, and without fail we ask – how can this be? We look back and sift through our collection of memories…quietly wishing to bring back the longest of days, because the years were much much shorter after all.

I specialize in photographing moments that mean the most in motherhood…sessions with families, babies, expecting mamas and children. I’m pulled to capture the chapters of your story that fade with time, as raw and perfectly imperfect as they are. My sessions are relaxed, fun and easy – just sit back and soak up the love surrounding you while I focus on capturing the connections between you. Most of all, mama – breathe. Our babies don’t keep.



san antonio newborn + family photographer

Finding a photographer to express the subtle details in your family bond is so important. The very details that are often missed will fade with time; the way their hands fit in ours…or how they nuzzle our face, and play with our hair.

San Antonio Newborn Family Photographer

My newborn images are warm, earthy and unique. Each session is planned full of sweet tiny details, organic textures, and curated sets. My vision is intent on creating art you can’t resist looking back on with tear filled eyes.

My number one priority when I’m with an expecting mama, is making certain she feels and looks absolutely radiant! We’ll nail those angles, work with her good side, and make her beautiful bump the star of the show.

San Antonio Newborn Family Photographer



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