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Hi, I'm Amy a passionate portrait photographer, living in San Antonio.

I specialize in photographing newborn, children, family, maternity, senior, and engagement portraits. I strive to capture authentic, artistic, special moments, and find ways to utilize natural light to best capture that! I am the proud sole owner, operator, and photographer of Layla Rylee Photography. I have two beautiful young children, who I adore and live for! They truly motivate and inspire me on a day to day basis, but this is where my story differs from the norm. My children did not spark the onset of my passion for photography. In fact, my passion for photography took on a back burner position during the early months of their lives! I had so much going on already, that I simply never found time to capture gorgeous photos that I was fully capable of. Instead I penciled in quick and short sessions at a department store, and now yearn for that time back to capture my own special moments.

Then to now.


Rebranded & relaunched as Layla Rylee Photography


Started my business as a professional photographer


Associates Degree in Digital Arts


Found my passion for photography

My passion for photography began at a young age, and started off with a tiny $20 1 megapixel camera. While my siblings were off enjoying their newest games or toys, I was off snapping away photos and developing my photographic eye. I moved on to a point and shoot Kodak camera around age 13, and continued trying to capture the beauty in nature and life. By age 14 I was completely self-taught and proficient in programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Every few years, I would upgrade my camera, and take on another program to enhance my digital skills. At age 16 I began working towards a degree in Digital Art, and took my first formal photography classes. Truth be told, I had been self-taught and focused for so long, that the classes added very little knowledge to my skill set…but did provide dedicated time to indulge in my love for photography. It was at this time, that I told myself that at some point in my life I would pursue my own photography business. I didn’t want to instantly turn it into “work”, or put pressure on myself by setting a deadline. I simply knew that I needed to pursue this goal eventually; it truly felt like my “calling”. By age 18, I owned my very first DSLR camera, and fell completely in love with the power I held in my hands to perfectly fine tune the visions I had but could never quite capture. Now fast forward a few years to present time, and I am still that same love struck girl with a camera in her hands that gets completely giddy looking at the picture perfect shots on the back of her camera! But now I strive to capture special moments for all of you out there that simply want to bottle up this time in your life in a beautiful and artistic way, and cherish them for a lifetime! And I can’t tell you enough how much of a dream come true it is for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of that dream!