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As we all know, the covid situation here in San Antonio has been a rollercoaster over the last few months. Nearly everyone has been effected in one way or another…from finances to health, to relationships and daily life. As a photographer, I was required to shutdown for a few weeks in March and April – but thankfully was given the green light to start shooting again in May. Many of my clients had reached out wondering when I would begin booking again, and now that we’re in July I’m happy to say my calendar has begun to fill back up. I am beyond grateful!

During the peak of this pandemic, I want my clients to know that one of my top priorities is remaining flexible to your needs. Many of you do not want to have sessions in busy places, or out in public at all. I’ve had many more requests for lifestyle sessions, or in-home shoots instead of on-location. I’ve had clients that were scheduled to travel to San Antonio and booked me for a shoot during their visit…who have had to reschedule more than once, and I’ve gladly accommodated any date changes that were needed. I want to assure you that my goal is to do whatever we need to, to ensure your safety and comfort. What precautions have I been taking?

1. I’ve been social distancing, and taking precautions to avoid exposure.
2. I wear a mask anytime I am out in public.
3. Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing has continued to be a priority.

Whether you’re personally taking every precaution in the book, or very relaxed and unconcerned about the pandemic…I assure you that we can proceed with booking a session that suits you. The busy holiday season is quickly approaching, and I am more than ready to get your sessions on my calendar!

With love, Amy

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I specialize in photographing moments that mean the most in motherhood…sessions with families, babies, expecting mamas and children. I’m pulled to capture the chapters of your story that fade with time, as raw and perfectly imperfect as they are.

My sessions are relaxed, fun and easy – just sit back and soak up the love surrounding you while I focus on capturing the connections between you.