Senior Photographer San Antonio Photography

Although this session wasn’t of an actual senior, it gave me all the senior vibes as I flipped through her final gallery. This gorgeous woman is a fellow photographer who recently PCSed to San Antonio with her husband and son. She reached out to a female photographers group in hopes of meeting some of the local community, and I’m SO dang glad we crossed paths! This meetup was out of my comfort zone, but I pushed myself to open up and go for something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. We planned a shootout to swap headshots of each other, and they turned out freaking amazing! I’m in love with the images she captured of me that I currently have on display on my social media and business pages. Checkout Alycia Crow Photography to see more of her work! Thank you Alycia, for setting this up and coming out to shoot together – you made my job capturing you effortless with all of your natural beauty and grace ✨